The conclusions in deception

Lead to the light.

Toxic was text book.

Preacher with no soul.

Non-traditional connection-

She kept praying God would save

A man capable of raping a child

But what do you believe would be done;

A father of justice and truth.

Do you believe he would close his eyes

To self severing male gratification?

I thought you believed God was about love?

Love doesn’t hurt. It is supposed to be trusting.

Watching- you broke bread with a pedophile

With no remorse of what he did;

Just kept going back to laws no longer governing. Excuses for his behavior.

Oppressing our stories and telling us we deserve to be punished for man’s sin.

I thought that is what Jesus did?

To save a soul so you can rape?

Seems only ever so contradictory

To what you said you believed my whole life.

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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