Child Endangerment

Who slapped me and called me a liar Aunt Mary? 

Don’t you think you deserve to be behind bars?

Endangering minors and covering up your husband’s

Attraction to children. Was it easy? Comparing yourself?

Calling them names and manipulating your brothers and sisters? 


Who kept defending your sister Mother?

Played the same game in continuing abuse?

Was it easy to convenience everybody?

What a spoiled brat I was? Not all that smart. Just rebelling?

Never once did you stand up for me and I often 

Think it is because you knew too.

You didn’t care about your child; only what people would think.

Isn’t that not true? Family loyalty even in betrayal.


You said a child asked for it. A victim who did not know me.

She never knew he did it before. You blamed her because of her color.

Was it your own conditioning that lead you so off course

While claiming your religious high horse?

Did you leave the abuse? Did you stand up for what was right?

Yet you claim to know Jesus. Hide behind Bible verses

Whiling claiming that it saved you; yet who is looking out for the children?

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