The Coward

I heard it my whole life. That if I was a man how different life would be. I’d be admired and told it was okay to be assertive and to be a dick just meant your important only to understand how they make a woman think her life is only ever meant to be subjected to kneel before a king but I’d rather cut his throat and watch him bleed.

I heard it my whole life. That if I was man how different life would be. Treated like the golden child- no wrong he could do no matter how many times he failed or made mistakes but the same errors as a woman- well it just proved the position of which woman where to retain in stances of knowing your complacent seating.

I heard it all my life. How different life would be if I was a man. How much stronger they are until it came to rape or sexual violence and the excuses and justification to abuse someone already deemed weaker. How he could prey on children while trying to hide who he really is. Doesn’t that just make him the coward?

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