In My Head

I waited years to get it off my chest.

To say how I feel.

 I spent years in my head wondering how you could feel so deeply.

 If it ever meant anything just for it to crush my soul a little.

Only ever toying with notion that it wasn’t one sided.

Spent years just wondering and trying to forget the way his kiss felt.

Only to come it realize it was time to let go.

Whatever it was in the permeance of the sweetest memory. 

Realizing I spent too long clingy to a memory

Hoping it was love.

Spent too much time with only what was in my head. 

Like I stopped living chasing a day dream I never had.

Just sleepless nights and wondering if he could forget me so easily.

Why it ever lingered.

Why I ever held onto a memory of someone who walked away so long ago.

Why it ever meant anything to me.

Published by Ms. Selective

Traveling Gypse with a Heartfelt Spirit.

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