Sauvies Island

I always wonder, looking back into the past of Oregon’s history, what the pioneers would think of us today. Would they be proud of what has been learned and carried out onto our current generations. What we have tried to preserve in the values instilled into the fabrics of our foundation. Thinking of leader’s with progressive ambition and compassionate, like John McLaughlin, who sought unity and respect amongst his Native American in-laws and relatives, and industrious take over in height of the 1850’s fur trade. A different time our ancestors of Oregon knew. Learning to live off the land and establish cities and ports, and the invitation of change along with it. People from all over the world and how that has effected and shaped the culture of progressive western idologies in our modern politics and values. Tolerance and expectance in an openness to embrace each other’s differences. This is not in complete dismiss of Oregon’s dark history either. Understanding what we are as humans and the challenges that has arose in inherited traumas, trials, and tribulations. The cycles and challenges left for our generation to acknowledge, face, and change. How we can preserve and pass on those values to the next generation. I often wonder what it meant for those coming into and leaving the port and seeing the safety of the meaning from light shining across the dark sky in recognition of the lighthouses shattered all across our shores, both those still operating and those simply left as a historical reference – some how still reminding us of our precious roots.

Published by Ms. Selective

Writer, traveler, and photographer from the Northwest.

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