All Temptations

It was madness. The push and pull. Lies creeping with deceit- carefully tip toeing.  Maybe never saying the words,  But never clarifying questions asked or assumptions made.  Never caring. Half mindedly present with a plan- Though undefined. Rather a map with roads all leading down different paths.  Red flags and making excuses for the joy;Continue reading “All Temptations”

Love and Art

Heading towards willow creek- Its like there was an angel on my right side And a saint helping translate the meaning  Of forever and love and art. Yet isn’t that what happens  When we are never satisfied- The fantasy of something better.   Like he ends up in your dreams- In everyday routines in reflections RememberingContinue reading “Love and Art”


Unexpected transitions disrupted reality As the connection was bright but the details blurry- Unkempt and unorganized.  Always so neat with everything in place. A purpose.  Goals and definitions that should make clear-  Like crystal- only dirty and unsure  Of what could shine and sparkle  In the right lighting and timing  Aligned perfectly within the sunlight. Continue reading “Overthinking”

Fading Writings

She wondered if he ever thought about her.  Letting go seemed easier; staying wasn’t even real.  Wanting to call him her baby; daydreaming he was hers. Wondering if he ever thought about that little black and white dress.  Ever wanted to call her baby; call her his wifey.  Time and distance made it hard; lifeContinue reading “Fading Writings”