Crossed Strangers

No lines had been crossed.  Just rather standing on the fence line.  People can say a lot of things But it was innocent,  Nor would I be made to feel bad  About being honest about my own feelings. I wasn’t thirteen. I didn’t believe  You could only love one person.  Doing the right thing- RegardlessContinue reading “Crossed Strangers”

Damaged Goods

She would have married her rapist at fourteen  Had it been pushed. No guy wants to date a girl That has been raped. Damage goods- that’s what they called them.  Within our own communities- often- they got sent  To monasteries out in Siberia. To silence them.  Seeking forgiveness and give them healing and peace  WhichContinue reading “Damaged Goods”

23rd Street

He told her to meet her at the box.  The one on 23rd street. He’d buy her dinner. There was a particular canary he wanted her to hear.  “It wasn’t about the singer,” he said. Just the lyrics that happened to make him Think of her. She smiled. Of course.  She always smiled when he madeContinue reading “23rd Street”