Clairvoyance Tarot

With my Father’s passing and the twist of events that have taken place in my life since childhood, I do not doubt our spirituality intwines with our existence and current realities. That the world isn’t limited only to the atmosphere but that it extends well into the cosmos and further reaching than our human understanding. I choose only to use my gift for healing, guidance and light. You can follow my Instagram and access my general messages from the Universe and beyond. Please take what resonates and leave what does not. For personal readings please email me at for a price list of spreads and/or for more information regarding booking events. This is only for entertainment purposes, all decisions are up to the individual, the offering from the readings are simply guide messages that may or may not be helpful. In the spirit of karma, I am donating a portion of all proceeds to the Portland Rescue Mission and TeachBeyond. Both non-profit organizations that do inspiring work here in our local community regarding homelessness and providing shelter and resources and others helping refugees gain simple educational opportunities and skills to both help them grow and find a way to give back globally. Readings can be done over Zoom. With lots of love, light, and gratitude.

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