Mission Statement

My mission is inspired by my own experiences in the skate community. Being bullied and given bad advice fueled my drive and determination to change the perception of what a “skater” is. That they are not all scum bags looking to hurt and destroy others for their own gain. While my own “skate career” started when I was 27 – I still noticed and saw the way women and others were discouraged from skating or pursuing their art dreams due to competitive skaters with a “take what is yours” mentally and at whatever costs – including their own self-respect and to the determent of others. I also witnessed the impact that these toxic connections have on others’ mental health along with addiction issues and those continuing patterns of abuse and domestic violence which encourage sexual assault and violence towards women and children and contributes to rape culture. This made me want to try harder. Not just in creating and expanding a brand (even if I had to start alone and from scratch) in wanting to help others with talent get noticed and sponsored but also those who love skateboarding and encouraging and supporting those with the same passions and breaking cycles. However, it isn’t about how well you can skate but how well you present yourself and how your actions reflect the contents of your character. With that, I have continued to get educated, skate, and pursue my own artistic vision. I hope to find skaters and other artists to collaborate with to make some amazing stickers while encouraging values of honesty and integrity in order to help encourage working as a team and inspiring a social conscious. The goal has always been to help other get paid and noticed for their talents and art skills. For more info as to how to get sponsored email zkdollyphotography@gmail.com.