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Find and tag @zkdollyart on Instagram for a chance to be entered into a drawing for a free mystery pouch of stickers. The drawing will be held at the end of Summer 2023.

No age restrictions. Family, co-workers, and friends are encouraged to participate. Please keep things fun and playful. One entry per post will qualify you and enter you for the free drawing for a pack of stickers made by us. No limits to how many times you can enter. If you wish you keep your Instagram private – that’s okay too! Just get creative and send your best picture to @zkdollyart on Instagram’s messaging platform to be entered into the free drawing. Please keep in mind that any photo submissions entered will be considered for use and reposting on @zkdollyart’s Instagram page. The drawing will be held at the end of summer each year and the “mystery pouch of stickers” will be awarded to the winner which shall be sent by regular US Postal Services. Help find ZK Dolly and look for hints and clues on her Instagram, @zkdollyart, to where you can find stickers to enter into the free drawing! The drawing will be held on September 22, 2023, in honor of the end of summer. No guarantees of quality or quality, just free stickers of various designs and sizes that will be released over the next few months and the winner is reentered into our yearly drawing for free stickers. Yearly drawing will be held on the last day of summer each year. No purchase necessary – just tag and post @zkdollyart on Instagram or send your best photo to @zkdollyart through Instagram’s messaging platform for a chance to win some epic stickers. This is for sponsorship and promotional purposes only. No cash value. All offers are limited to availability. Terms and conditions may change at any time. Find @zkdollyart tag and post promotion is limited to the US.

If you wish to purchase a mini random sticker pack of my designs (25 stickers sizes 10 mm to 1 inch for $4.95), please email zkdollyphotography@gmail.com to place your order and indicated “Mini Stickers” in the subject line.

A pack of 15 random stickers pack of my designs runs for $12.95 plus the costs of shipping (sizes run between 1 to 5 inches). Place your order by emailing to zkdollyphotography@gmail.com and indicate “Sticker Pack” in the subject line.

Custom sticker pricing is subject to the number of stickers and designs. (Approximately $0.75 per sticker). Please email me with your sticker needs and a quote will be sent in a timely manner. Sizes are limited to 6.25″-9.75.” Please indicate “Custom Order” in the subject line. You can send me your designs by email or social media. Quality does depend on formating. Custom designs are subject to $150.00 custom fee design.

Bulk pricing per one design is $0.75 per sticker sizes 3″-5″. Anything less than 3″ are $0.60 per sticker. Any sizes over 5″ are $1.50 per sticker. Minimal order $25.00 plus the cost of shipping. Delivery options available in the Northwest subject to a small fee. Please either email me at zkdollyphotography@gmail.com or reach out to me via social medial for more information regarding order request, shipping and special projects.

Stickers are made of vinyl holographic and/or glossy finishes and are water resistant.

Orders will be processed once payment has been received. Invoicing upon receipt of order. Shipping exclusive to US only. All sales are final. No refunds will be issued and no returns will be accepted. Vemo and Cash Only @ZKDolly.

Thank you for all your love and support.

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