Poetry, Art, and Photography

Follow along with the Warrior Princess’ travels to find art, be inspired, find history, eat food, and embrace the journey that this life offers to her. From the forests of North America to the enchanted castles in Europe- where will she go next?

Call Her Crazy

There are moments in my life that I found myself questioning the conditions of consent. How frustrating it would become to try to explain to others what it meant to say no or not being able to consent, and forced under conditions that compromise the validity in claims of what it meant to want toContinue reading “Call Her Crazy”

Lifted Lotus Herbs

Some of my favorite people came into my life unexpectedly and with healing purpose. There are moments from bum bruises you can never forget. Though the spirit lingers from the gentle souls that are here to help nurture our creative spirit. Both in leadership and acceptance. That is where Lifted Lotus Herbs had meant soContinue reading “Lifted Lotus Herbs”

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