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Life is ever changing as is our own artistic abilities but we do not really know what we are capable of until we commit to something and keep trying to push past our own human limitations and boundaries. Whether it is exploring the mundane melodramas of our lives, our artistic gifts, or attempting to understand complicated social issues like mental health, homelessness, environmental protection, education, inherited cycles of abuse, poverty, and oppression regarding women’s rights and/or minorities, there are things we must address and discuss in order for change and growth to happen, not just on an individual level, but in starting and continuing ripple effects for future generations. With that and in the spirit of creative limitlessness, this is a blog dedicated to all things that effect social existence. From human relationships to history, art, and philosophy, it is about all these things in attempting to create something beautiful, but beauty never comes without pain, and in reflecting on the good, the bad, and everything in between contemplation of human existence and the search for a deeper understanding all that is left is attempting to honor my own creative source by being inspired by what is authentic and raw to my own visions and passions with a creative twist influenced by afflatus.

The Chronicles

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