The conclusions in deception Lead to the light. Toxic was text book. Preacher with no soul. Non-traditional connection- She kept praying God would save A man capable of raping a child But what do you believe would be done; A father of justice and truth. Do you believe he would close his eyes To selfContinue reading “Believed”

Child Endangerment

Who slapped me and called me a liar Aunt Mary?  Don’t you think you deserve to be behind bars? Endangering minors and covering up your husband’s Attraction to children. Was it easy? Comparing yourself? Calling them names and manipulating your brothers and sisters?    Who kept defending your sister Mother? Played the same game inContinue reading “Child Endangerment”

Train Wreck

It is just a train wreck-  The broken triggering wounds Just headed for a quick crash Holding onto something  That is already starting on fire. Flames turning love into charcoal- Lyrics to just a sad song;  Waiting to jump because you know its not safe- Chasing adrenaline only to realize  Your just wasting time- YetContinue reading “Train Wreck”

Tunnel Tears

He put a bag over her head Not wanting to see her cry While he raped her. She froze. She could not scream. Her tears echoed through the tunnel Along with the fired gun shots Cause he couldn’t chance  Leaving behind any witnesses.  They say if you ride the train Just a little after Sunset Continue reading “Tunnel Tears”

Last Nightmare

Adrenaline from hyper awareness- The red flags waving;  Signs so clear you could draw maps.  Details of Cartography- Accurately leading down lost roads.  Knowing the lines- repeatedly Until it starts to feel like déjà vu From the last nightmare And acting like she would stick around.  Just more bullshit with dried out tears  From theContinue reading “Last Nightmare”