I Won’t

I won’t remember what I said. What you said in the heat of the moment. It will never matter why. The 100’s of text messages asking you to stay. How much I needed you. What it was that started the argument. I won’t remember what I wore. Your sad eyes when you left. I sawContinue reading “I Won’t”


Her eyes turned into crescent moons that shone brighter as they filled with pure ecstasy. It was like he was a drug and she could not get high enough. She didn’t do pills but like a cure. The way he held her was stronger than a prescription- it made her forget she ever felt broken.

Life Coaster

You keep trying to fill your cup Only to find you feel empty. Keep feeding it with pleasures, Luxuries, and finest of finest dinning. Dissatisfied by the lack of fulfillment When chasing instant gratification. Counter intuitive to the projection  Of laws pertaining to cause and effect. Like we were always given the most beautiful LifeContinue reading “Life Coaster”


He was begging they lie asking for pity. They kept preaching forgiveness. All conclusions provided crystal clarity That I wasn’t God. I was only human. I didn’t not have that kind mercy Nor that kind of compassion for grieving My death while I was alive. Somethings aren’t redeemable on earthly laws. That was something heContinue reading “Hated”


I can play his fool. He wants me as a puppet But I’d rather challenge him. Make him think. Make him chase me. He thinks he knows me. Makes assumptions like I am anything He could ever predicted. All too perfect. So it scares him but he ain’t trying to show me That he couldContinue reading “Clowning”