I Love Him

I don’t even know him. But I know his ghost. He is my favorite. My MCM everyday. I try to just push it out. I try just not to think about it. I just try not to think of him But I feel it. His sprit. I hear him say my name. I just wantContinue reading “I Love Him”


The conclusions in deception Lead to the light. Toxic was text book. Preacher with no soul. Non-traditional connection- She kept praying God would save A man capable of raping a child But what do you believe would be done; A father of justice and truth. Do you believe he would close his eyes To selfContinue reading “Believed”

Child Endangerment

Who slapped me and called me a liar Aunt Mary?  Don’t you think you deserve to be behind bars? Endangering minors and covering up your husband’s Attraction to children. Was it easy? Comparing yourself? Calling them names and manipulating your brothers and sisters?    Who kept defending your sister Mother? Played the same game inContinue reading “Child Endangerment”

Black Dolly

Black dolly. I loved her hair. Her afro- The braids and the way she spoke. She said some bleached their skin And I felt horrified. Why would you erase the color- the one God painted on you? Black dolly. I loved the way she could dance. Her mouth always running- But some how always truthContinue reading “Black Dolly”