Last Nightmare

Adrenaline from hyper awareness- The red flags waving;  Signs so clear you could draw maps.  Details of Cartography- Accurately leading down lost roads.  Knowing the lines- repeatedly Until it starts to feel like déjà vu From the last nightmare And acting like she would stick around.  Just more bullshit with dried out tears  From theContinue reading “Last Nightmare”


Chasing humming birds  Sitting in a grave yard smoking weed  With the remains of a body name Dina.  She does not remember her last name;  Just that she had a bad boy complex  In ending up in places she did not want to be.  The darkness felt comforting under deep blue  Diamond filled dots connecting Continue reading “Curiosity”

Seeking Rainbows

Its like you found God’s hidden rainbow.  Between lapses in judgments-  Faults fleeting Irony; in seeing double-  Built boned sculptures from human remains; Odd that on lookers are so uncomfortable  With the truth of their own actions- Have no problems pointing fingers at each other.  Why would it be free? Because it was about truth-Continue reading “Seeking Rainbows”

Breaking Spirit

Doubt often got the best;   A dark cloud that would not shake.  Trying to run only for it would come haunting.  Disinterested in the gossip and hearsay.  Misunderstanding with gaslighting only to find  It went back and forth-  Trapped within the confines of circumstance Turning into endless strategies for getting out.  Pressures and stresses thatContinue reading “Breaking Spirit”

City Trends

Reasoning with every logical  Meaning in defining  Heart felt connections Left over confusions  Just started sinking in this ship  All screaming over abroad seeking life boats But her mind would not shift The pulsing weakness within the moving blood Keeps her breathing.  If it was a city trend, ever changing for the better best, nextContinue reading “City Trends”