She Didn’t

It was that she didn’t know how to tell you, she just thought you were dirty, so she decided she didn’t want to suck your dick. You kept calling her a whore and slut but kept asking for nudes and sexting- she figured your wasting her time, so she decided she didn’t want to suckContinue reading “She Didn’t”


I knew what I wanted more than anything. Not money. Not luxury. I wanted his time. I wanted his company. I wanted jokes and morning sunrises And to figure out all the things that makes his eyes twinkle. I wanted patience. I wanted love. I wanted him happy. Even if it wasn’t me. That IContinue reading “Acceptance”

I knew

The first time spirit revealed him. I saw three men in a parking garage a couple of stories high. They whispered. Though it was hard to understand the message. I tried to touch his heart. The only thing I heard clearly was that it gets better with time. That our lives intertwined in that moment.Continue reading “I knew”

Mundane Annoyance

In a field of white daisies, he was a pink one. The moments that seemed ordinary he changed from black and white- mundane and boring to brilliant. Just drawn to him as he was different. I couldn’t forget how he made me smile. When the world turned dark the only thing that felt familiar wasContinue reading “Mundane Annoyance”

In My Head

I waited years to get it off my chest. To say how I feel.  I spent years in my head wondering how you could feel so deeply.  If it ever meant anything just for it to crush my soul a little. Only ever toying with notion that it wasn’t one sided. Spent years just wonderingContinue reading “In My Head”