Black Dolly

Black dolly. I loved her hair. Her afro- The braids and the way she spoke. She said some bleached their skin And I felt horrified. Why would you erase the color- the one God painted on you? Black dolly. I loved the way she could dance. Her mouth always running- But some how always truthContinue reading “Black Dolly”

Writer’s Block

There where places and spaces  That intertwined within our existence Just struck in the day to day- just uninspired. May be this what they call writer’s block? The stuck in your thoughts that keep repeating  The melody of your favorite song  Knowing every word in sequence-  Like the flashbacks where it was spilling into theContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

Helen Watching

It has been said that chivalry is dead. Romance is for the hopeless- Some just felt impressions that felt like soul ties  In transparencies of what our desires lead to When asking if crossing lines are worth the price- Like Helen watching the destruction.  No stopping what would unfold  In the quest for finding a connection-Continue reading “Helen Watching”