Writer’s Block

There where places and spaces  That intertwined within our existence Just struck in the day to day- just uninspired. May be this what they call writer’s block? The stuck in your thoughts that keep repeating  The melody of your favorite song  Knowing every word in sequence-  Like the flashbacks where it was spilling into theContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

Crossed Strangers

No lines had been crossed.  Just rather standing on the fence line.  People can say a lot of things But it was innocent,  Nor would I be made to feel bad  About being honest about my own feelings. I wasn’t thirteen. I didn’t believe  You could only love one person.  Doing the right thing- RegardlessContinue reading “Crossed Strangers”

23rd Street

He told her to meet her at the box.  The one on 23rd street. He’d buy her dinner. There was a particular canary he wanted her to hear.  “It wasn’t about the singer,” he said. Just the lyrics that happened to make him Think of her. She smiled. Of course.  She always smiled when he madeContinue reading “23rd Street”


Heading towards willow creek- Its like there was an angel on my right side And a saint helping translate the meaning of forever and love and art. Yet isn’t that what happens When we are never satisfied- The fantasy of something better.  Like he ends up in your dreams- In everyday routines in reflections andContinue reading “Undefined”