I Love Him

I don’t even know him. But I know his ghost. He is my favorite. My MCM everyday. I try to just push it out. I try just not to think about it. I just try not to think of him But I feel it. His sprit. I hear him say my name. I just wantContinue reading “I Love Him”


A reflection of why Justice had a blindfold Holding the scale she wanted balance. No outside input. She read the truth The source from the inside. You know it is not you. There she goes inward to find Answers to the questions of her own purpose. Seeking destiny bound from our own karama. Vibrant colorsContinue reading “Blindfold”

Emotional Memories

If it was my life or letting him rape- These were thoughts I had as a kid Often contemplating suicide. My life in danger. When it turned into survival. There had to be a purpose She said grieving the death of my father. Asking myself why she was trying to convince me with such certainContinue reading “Emotional Memories”


Twisting words to mean something else- Speaking wasn’t an option. So drawing a line- making it clear; I would not speak without a counselor in the room. This could have been resolved years ago. They would not agree. There would be no twisting the truth As I never lied. I never tried to manipulate. IContinue reading “How”