Tunnel Tears

He put a bag over her head

Not wanting to see her cry

While he raped her.

She froze. She could not scream.

Her tears echoed through the tunnel

Along with the fired gun shots

Cause he couldn’t chance 

Leaving behind any witnesses. 

They say if you ride the train

Just a little after Sunset 

You call still hear the muffled weeping. 

Last Nightmare

Adrenaline from hyper awareness-

The red flags waving; 

Signs so clear you could draw maps. 

Details of Cartography-

Accurately leading down lost roads. 

Knowing the lines- repeatedly

Until it starts to feel like déjà vu

From the last nightmare

And acting like she would stick around. 

Just more bullshit with dried out tears 

From the last heartbreak. 

Death tainted so many beliefs 

About happy ever after. 


Chasing humming birds 

Sitting in a grave yard smoking weed 

With the remains of a body name Dina. 

She does not remember her last name; 

Just that she had a bad boy complex 

In ending up in places she did not want to be. 

The darkness felt comforting under deep blue 

Diamond filled dots connecting 

Myths to legends linked to stories that had been passed down.

Curiosity had turned into four paws 

Running down back allies

Ever so gracefully in protected wings that regrew. 

God said his heart was black; 

And she said make mine black too. 

A contract that could not be undone.

Seeking Rainbows

Its like you found God’s hidden rainbow. 

Between lapses in judgments- 

Faults fleeting Irony; in seeing double- 

Built boned sculptures from human remains;

Odd that on lookers are so uncomfortable 

With the truth of their own actions-

Have no problems pointing fingers at each other. 

Why would it be free? Because it was about truth-

It was about justice. 

Didn’t we all dream of the change in a voice for rape? 

Breaking Spirit

Doubt often got the best;  

A dark cloud that would not shake. 

Trying to run only for it would come haunting. 

Disinterested in the gossip and hearsay. 

Misunderstanding with gaslighting only to find 

It went back and forth- 

Trapped within the confines of circumstance

Turning into endless strategies for getting out. 

Pressures and stresses that start running out of time- 

Hitting deadlines only to find that it starts to drift. 

Out of touch with reality and lacking 

Hope only to find understanding-

Why they tried to break her spirit.